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Patkol Trading Co.,Ltd is one of Patkol’s group that meet the customer demand, with spare parts. According to Patkol Plc. are famouse and expert in refrigeration. Patkol Plc. Is the leader of the tube ice machine manufacturing,  as the firstly and skilfully under thai people. Moreover, we are proficient in engineering project  sanitary stainless steel flow equipment etc.



Patkol trading would like to present the goods that focus on tube, valve, sanitary pump for the food processing industry. We also present the equipment for maintenance machine such as Refrigeration, freezing & Cold room, Refrigeration pump Ammonia , Impeller & Axial Fan, Sanitary pump, Fitting , Valve etc.



According to achievement and reliability of Patkol Plc. From the leading companies. That effect in confidence Patkol Trading represent the product such as Inoxpa pump, Graco pump, Hermetic pump, Eurobinox valve, Sodime fitting stainless steel etc.



Patkol trading have propose a policy for products searching that hight quality, in order to the satisfaction of customs and able to usability in the food industry such as Functional drink industry medicine and chemicals industry, cold storage ,Ice machine industry etc. we have working under  vision “ Quality with Service by Earnest and Sincereness”